Play with your Food

How Produce Pals were born

A few years ago on a Sunday afternoon our Executive Director, Judi Shils, returned from her local farmer’s market with produce to make a bountiful seasonal salad. As she was chopping veggies, she was struck. Her slice of cucumber looked like a face! Judi decided to make a little person out of all the veggies she was preparing. That was the start of what is now lovingly known as “Produce Pals.”

The beauty of Produce Pals

This concept has become a fan favorite for Conscious Kitchen’s youngest students all the way up to our oldest fellows and interns. Making a Produce Pal gets the creative juices flowing, supports local, seasonal, and organic farms, and makes a beautiful memento — should you decide to photograph your creation.

Our collection of Produce Pals continues to grow! Maybe one day we will host a Produce People gallery event in one of our Conscious Kitchen dining halls to display all of the incredible work our kids have created.

How to make your own Produce Pal

Experience the joy of making a cute little Produce Pal yourself. Our recipe is simple. Let us know what you craft by tagging @consciouskitchn in your social media posts.

  1. Go to your local farmer’s market, seek out the organic farmers, and purchase seasonal produce (in spring that’s artichoke, asian pear, asparagus, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, citrus, cucumber, kale, mushrooms, peas, radish, and strawberries)
  2. Slice, chop, and peel your fruit and veggies. Give them a taste!
  3. With your food scraps, craft an awesome Produce Pal
  4. Give your pal a name and snap a photo
  5. Post your creation on social media. Write a caption about the importance of food and healing the the planet through food choices.
  6. Tag @turninggreenorg in your post
  7. Share with friends or better yet, invite them over for a Produce People party
  8. Leave no waste. Enjoy your produce for lunch or an afternoon snack


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