The Conscious Kitchen wouldn’t run without your support – and without the support of your incredible partner farms and suppliers! Find out about just a few here…

Tomatero Farms

We’re proud to partner with Tomatero Farm since day one of Conscious Kitchen in 2013, and in bringing fresh produce to the community with our buy one-give one Conscious Kitchen x Tomatero Farm Boxes since April!

C.C.O.F. certified from its inception in 2004, Tomatero Farm is located in the Pajaro Valley, south of Santa Cruz. The farm helps to provide fresh, organic produce locally, as well as year-round employment from field to farmer’s market.

Earl’s Organic

The only C.C.O.F. certified organic handler on the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market, Earl’s Organic Produce is an A-Z distributor of organic fruits and veggies! With a mission to “connect those who produce and consume organic foods”, Earl’s Organic is committed to sustainability and the promotion of organic agriculture.

We’re proud to use organic fruits and veggies from Earl’s Organic in almost every one of our Conscious Kitchen meals!

Marin Sun Farms

Marin Sun Farms is committed to creating a more sustainable food system through the empowerment of farms and the conservation of our environment. A huge supporter of local family farms, Marin Sun Farms works to build trust and resiliency into our food system.

We’re incredibly grateful to feature Marin Sun Farms’ humanely raised livestock in our Conscious Kitchen meals!

Mary’s organic chicken

Mary’s Organic Chicken is the first non-GMO verified farm in the industry. These chickens are farmed using humane practices and help our organization extend FLOSN practices into a staple protein.

We are grateful to use Mary’s Organic, non-GMO, grass-fed chickens in our COVID response community meals.

Full belly farm

Full Belly Farm is an incredible farm in Northern California committed to ensuring that their farming practices support a healthy and thriving environment. The 400 acre farm produces 80 crops which can be seen in restaurants and purchased at farmers markets and through a CSA. 

We have been fortunate to include this organic produce in our Conscious Kitchen school meals for years!

Kashiwase farms

Kashiwase Farms hails from Winton, California with 190 acres of farmland, which has been organically farmed since 1997. The farm is committed to sustainable farming practices, working to naturally fertilize soil with compost, prevent topsoil erosion, and conserve water usage.

We have long been proud to serve Kashiwase fruits and nuts in our Conscious Kitchen school lunches. 

Marin Cheese company

Marin Cheese Company is a family-run business committed to providing quality products to independent organizations and businesses with competitive prices, so community-based organizations can thrive.

We are excited to be a part of that local network. Marin Cheese Company is a delicious addition to many of our COVID response community meals.

Nicasio valley cheese

Nicasio Valley Cheese is made from milk farmed on the 1,150 acres of certified organic land at Lafranchi Ranch. Lafranchi Ranch has been utilizing sustainable agriculture practices since 1919, certified organic since 2012. The 400+ dairy cows are fed off of pastures that are fertilized by local compost. 

Their fabulous cheese is featured in our buy one-give one farm boxes

Tomales farmstead creamery

Tomales Farmstead Creamery hails from the small town of Tomales in Northwest Marin County. Toluma farms has been certified organic since 2007 and certified humane since 2010. They are devoted to restoring local creeks and watersheds in addition to preventing further soil erosion.

We are grateful to feature their delightful cheeses in our buy one-give one farm boxes.

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