organic bulk milk program

Realize the potential of each glass of milk!

With the Organic Bulk Milk Program, school districts are able to bring fresh, local, organic Straus Family Creamery milk to dining halls.

Implementing bulk organic milk:

  • Offers high quality, pesticide/antibiotic/hormone-free milk to support the health of our children, farmers, land, climate, and cows
  • Prevents food and packaging waste
  • Reduces unnecessary school milk expenditures
  • Empowers student leaders to make this program successful
  • Sustains local family farms and revitalize rural communities

Learn more about the impacts of non-organic vs organic milk with this infographic.

We have successfully launched the organic bulk milk program in multiple school districts across Northern California to support student and environmental health — and are proud to be driving this change in collaboration with our partners at Straus, food services teams, and Conscious Kitchen Ambassadors (student leaders).

We conduct trainings with staff, as seen in this video, as well as CK Ambassadors at each school to support the introduction of bulk milk. By learning how to use the machines and serve peers, students cultivate leadership, experience self-reliance, and practice transferable communication skills that benefit their growth in and out of school. This ensures a smooth and efficient transition during this system shift for students, food services and custodial teams.

Straus Family Creamery champions climate-positive (nearly carbon neutral!) organic dairy farming, sustainable practices, and environmental leadership to build more resilient farming and food systems. For nearly 30 years, the premium organic dairy has led with commitments to: pasture-based herds, minimal processing, premium quality, organic and non-GMO certifications, environmental leadership, collaboration with farmers, and sustainable and zero waste manufacturing.

Want to bring bulk organic milk to your school? Get in touch with our team to begin the process today.

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