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Safeguarding and stewarding our children, lands and future — one school breakfast at a time.

Conscious Kitchen is launching a delicious new initiative with West Contra Costa Unified School District: Project Cereal. The campaign sets students up for health and success, while transforming school food supply chains to include more fresh and organic. Focusing on a bowl of cereal is a simple, measurable, achievable step schools can take to positively impact bodies and minds, climate, and local economies.

Why organic? Organic foods do not contain harmful pesticides and chemicals, use fewer petroleum-based inputs, create less externalities, have higher nutrition, and are better for people and the environment.

Project Cereal aims to further the organic movement in school districts across the state and country, so that all students can enjoy healthy, nourishing starts to their day. Join the movement, and spread the word to schools, to ensure the resilience of our children, lands, and future — one bowl of cereal at a time.

We hosted a celebration for National School Breakfast Week at Michelle Obama School in Richmond, California. For the event on March 7th, students and guests enjoyed our version of a organic universal school meal, featuring this week’s menu of Nature’s Path EnviroKidz cereals, Straus Family Creamery milk, organic produce from local farmers, bagels and cream cheese, breakfast burritos, traditional Calentado, yogurt, granola and fruit parfaits, and more — 100% USDA certified organic, scratch-cooked, and kid-approved.

Speakers shared insightful words about the importance of organic meals, underscoring the power of community, collaboration and commitment our shared goals. We heard from Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and Edible Schoolyard Project, California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, California State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, and representatives from the CA State Senate, CA Department of Education, USDA, WCCUSD, Michelle Obama School, Frog Hollow Farm, and Conscious Kitchen.

We have launched Project Cereal with WCCUSD and San Francisco Unified School Districts. Help us expand the reach and impact of our mission, mindset, and organic meals from soils to suppliers to kitchens to schools to students. We look forward to collaborating with school districts to implement our proven model and delicious new campaign.

Conscious Kitchen advocates for, purchases, and believes in organic for its proven benefits to people and planet. Organic supports public health, the environment, and equity; allows brains and bodies to function optimally; combats the speed, scale and severity of climate change; provides more nutrients with less harmful chemicals, artificial additives, antibiotics, preservatives and pesticide residue; lowers emissions while increasing biodiversity, keeps soils healthy, water clean, and natural resources managed sustainably; protects workers, promotes animal welfare, and improves local economies and thus communities.

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