We are excited to help you transition your school and community to a Conscious Kitchen. Follow our step by step instructions below to begin your journey.

1. review the following materials

  • Watch the TCK movie here
  • Read about the impact here
  • Review answers to common questions here
  • Watch the TCK webinar here

2. contact the conscious kitchen team

Talk through the process with our team.

Helpful Tip: Each school district is unique. The following steps are guideposts, to be adapted for your school community.

3. engage parents and school administration

  • Share Conscious Kitchen materials and explain the Conscious Kitchen concept to fellow parents, as you gather an initial group of supporters
  • Enlist your principal and complete the Initial Application here

Helpful Tip: Concerned about what to say and how to approach your principal? Let us know. We’re happy to help, and can talk you through it!

4. visit a Conscious Kitchen

Meet our team and see the Conscious Kitchen in action. Once you complete the Initial Application, we will set up a time for a site visit at one of our Conscious Kitchens in the Sausalito Marin City School District.

Helpful Tip: If you are outside the Bay Area, check out our virtual site visit. (coming soon)

5. assess your current food program

Ready to move forward? The next step in your journey is to gather information and fill in the Assessment Form below, with information about your food service program.

  • Eat a school lunch with your child or children
  • Take a photo of the meal
  • Complete the Assessment Form with detailed information about your school program

6. site visit at your school

After we review your assessment form, we suggest setting up a visit to your school, so our team can see your school first hand, and begin to lay the groundwork for a roadmap towards success

Helpful tip: After our site visit, the following steps involve obtaining the support and permissions needed for a successful, smooth and meaningful transition to a Conscious Kitchen. We respect, appreciate (and celebrate!) each community and district’s unique character! We’ll help you chart the best course for your community.

7. next steps 

  • Distribute a parent survey to assess interest. We will customize a survey specific to your community. Check out a sample parent survey here.
  • Meet with the principal/school head and district superintendent to discuss what steps are needed for required permissions and approvals
  • Present to Parent Board, Site Council and/or PTA to enlist support
  • Obtain final approval from Superintendent and School Board
  • Establish a Conscious Kitchen Food Council, a stakeholder group made up of parents, faculty, students, staff and key community partners to help guide this program
  • Consider organizing a tasting and Parent Education evening with CK’s support

8. partnership with TCK

  • Upon receiving submitted materials and approvals, TCK will initiate a Memo of Understanding (MOU); fees will be determined based on the size and scope of the project
  • After both parties have agreed and signed the terms of the MOU, the process of developing the Conscious Kitchen program at your school will begin
  • You will receive a customized handbook with comprehensive instructions, as well as hands on support, guidance and training to run your own Conscious Kitchen!
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