project salad

Fresh local organic school meals for California kids, from California farms.

Project Salad is an initiative spearheaded by Conscious Kitchen and WCCUSD to offer fresh, local, organic, seasonal salads for school lunch. Flavors, textures, and colors celebrate the bounties of the land, while recipes honor diverse culinary traditions, healthy soils, and thriving community ecosystems — where organic farmers, food service teams, and food purveyors play integral roles.

By investing in farm-to-school pipelines and transforming supply chains, we cultivate community resilience, expand climate-smart agriculture, and elevate culinary pathways that represent the diverse student populations we nourish and the growers we support. In partnership with WCCUSD and Conscious Kitchen, we are propelling California’s school food movement with a lens on food equity, access, and education as imperatives that we are proving possible.

We welcome school districts across our state to join us on the Project Salad journey to champion organic school meals for our kids, our farmers, our future, our planet!

Conscious Kitchen advocates for, purchases, and believes in organic for its proven benefits to people and planet. Organic supports public health, the environment, and equity; allows brains and bodies to function optimally; combats the speed, scale and severity of climate change; provides more nutrients with less harmful chemicals, artificial additives, antibiotics, preservatives and pesticide residue; lowers emissions while increasing biodiversity, keeps soils healthy, water clean, and natural resources managed sustainably; protects workers, promotes animal welfare, and improves local economies and thus communities.

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