Organic Small Farmer Alliance

Every day we are honored to work with the incredible individuals that make up Conscious Kitchen’s Organic Small Farmer Alliance as we strive to serve more fresh, local, organic, seasonal, nutritious food to K-12 students in the state of California. These farmers are pioneering a new future for themselves and their communities as they collaborate with us and find new ways to support direct organic farm-to-school procurement. Each an every one of them have unique stories and experiences that led them to organics, and to Conscious Kitchen – all of which we are endlessly grateful for.

Get to know more about these farmers and their inspiring stories below!

Central Coast

Bay Area

Conscious Kitchen advances climate-smart school food based on five foundational values: fresh, local, organic, seasonal, nutritious. We believe that school-supported agriculture s a powerful tool to address climate change and model climate action to promote human and environmental health.

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