produce pals

Learn about and showcase the healthy attributes of produce creatively!

We created Produce Pals to teach kids about nutrition, seasonality, health, organics, food waste and composting in a fun, interactive, delicious way! Our original duo — Fanny and Fred — have long adorned Conscious Kitchen dining hall walls, with new favorites — like Compost Crew leaders Maya and Mateo — more recently added to the pack.

Learn from our Produce Pals below, and we invite you to create your own that share stories and calls to action!

  • Gather materials. Use scraps from a meal. Take from the compost pile. Consider produce beyond its shelf life. Look around your fridge, kitchen or garden. Ask local farmers markets or grocery stores for leftover leaves, sprigs, anything that may be tossed. 
  • Do your best to find organic and seasonal items. 
  • Consider what food-related information you want to convey and how to best incorporate it. 
  • Be creative and tell a fun, educational story.
  • Take a photo of your final Produce Pal and post on Instagram, tagging @TurningGreenOrg.
  • After taking the photo, think about making a yummy pot of seasonal soup, adding nutrients to compost or having a bite yourself!

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