COVID Feeding

ATTN MARIN CITY and MARIN COUNTY! 🗣👩🏾‍🍳🍴🍎 We’ve run our school food program since 2013 — and Conscious Kitchen
continues amid Coronavirus closures. Because kids deserve access to healthy nutrition free of cost! And because we will not stop supporting our local community, staff and organic farmers in times of need, through this crisis and beyond. Anyone under age 18 who lives in Marin City and/or qualifies for free-and-reduced meals from Bayside MLK or Willow Creek Academy can come to Bayside MLK to pickup a lunch between 10:30am and 12:30pm Monday through Friday. Our kitchen was at it yesterday and today and will continue every day, even with the shelter-in-place order countywide, per district and Governor protocol. As always, meals are 100% organic, fresh, local, scratch-cooked, nutrient-rich and kid-approved! Please share and spread the word to families and community members to come, line up six feet apart, observe safety precautions, and take the bag of food to consume off-site.
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